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Y card english flash card reader

Y card english flash card reader

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Suitable for: 1-3 years old
* Children’s Enlightenment Educational Toys: Puzzle Enlightenment Learning Early Education Machine Grasp the golden period of the baby’s language enlightenment, increase the baby’s language cognitive ability, satisfy the baby’s curiosity, and give full play to the baby’s imagination
* Lightweight and convenient: Small size, no need for WIFI, easy to carry, an innocent spoken language with intuitive and interesting pictures, easy to learn anytime, anywhere
* Easy to operate: Insert the card to read, Young babies can also be used independently,Card insertion can also exercise baby's hand-eye coordination
* No screen for better eye protection: 1-3 years old is an important stage of infant retinal development. No screen design reduces the time the child touches the screen and protects the baby’s eyesight

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