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Outline Markers

Outline Markers

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Soft multi-color crow highlighter that does not hurt your eyes and will not distract you and improve your learning attention. There are 8 colors for you to choose.Use Method: Shake the pen barrel about 6-10 times before use to mix the ink well. Press the nib upward 2-3 times to expel the air in the pen barrel. Press the nib down slowly 4-6 times, and the ink flows to the nib, you can write. After writing, the pen should be capped as soon as possible to prevent the nib from contacting the air and curing.Convenient to Apply: Smooth writing, rich colors fiber nib allows the ink to flow naturally, allowing you to write smoothly. The highlighter fits nicely in your hand for easier use. When used correctly, it will not bleed out unless very thin paper is used or very hard when applied

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