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Magic Board Pad | Light Up lcd Drawing Pad

Magic Board Pad | Light Up lcd Drawing Pad

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Magic Pad - the ultimate light-up drawing pad that combines learning, creativity, and endless fun. With its unique clear screen and illum-screen technology, your artwork shines brightly with vibrant illumination. Experience the magic as your drawings and writings come to life with the help of color burst LED lights and 8 mesmerizing light effects.

It makes learning enjoyable, perfect for spelling, problem-solving, and engaging games like tic-tac-toe or maze-solving. It's portable design ensures fun on the go, while the built-in easel displays your art and doubles as a night light. This Magic Pad includes,

  • Glow Boost Cards
  • 3 Dual-Sided Neon Pens
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • 30 Stencils
  • Fun Guide.
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