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Lol Doll Shining Kids Makeup Kit With Diy Jewelry Beads

Lol Doll Shining Kids Makeup Kit With Diy Jewelry Beads

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Jewelry Makeup Kit 2in1 Beads

The 2in1 Makeup and Jewelry Set is a perfect toy for young artists. This creative set allows children to express their imagination both by creating makeup and designing their own jewelry. The set includes as many as 12 different colors of eye shadows and 3 with a glitter effect, a bronzer and a blush, 2 lipsticks in different shades, 2 eyeshadow palettes and 2 nail polishes.

Additionally, the set includes a container with various shapes of beads in 9 different shapes (fish, stars, roses, butterflies and others) that can be used to create unique jewelry. The set also includes a pink elastic band for making bracelets.

Everything is stored in a beautiful package with a mirror that encourages creative play. This is a great toy that not only entertains, but also develops children's imagination and creativity. Package dimensions: 30 cm x 13.5 cm x 3 cm. Give your child the opportunity to create and experiment with color, styling and jewelry today!

Set elements:

- Eyeshadow

- 2 nail polishes

- 2 lipsticks

- 2 eye shadow packs

- beads

- rubber band for making bracelets

Size of the package:

23cm x 17cm x 3cm

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