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Kids Mini Bowling Game

Kids Mini Bowling Game

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Mini bowling game The bowling game is relaxing and fun. Be the first to knock down all the pops in the first shot to become the big winner. A game that is the perfect substitute for the classic bowling game, bringing variety and certainly more happy moments. Features: - The bowling game is made in the form of a game-specific track. - The set includes: 1 steel ball, 1 launching ramp, 1 track, 20 half balls, 2 accessory boxes for the track and sticker foil. - Before use, assemble the track and join the pops. Mounting the track is easy, you have to follow a few steps: join the 2 pieces of the track, fix the 2 cardboards (the semi-oval one as the railing and the oval one as the pavement of the track) and attach the ramp to the track. After joining the 2 halves of the popsicles, stick the self-adhesive tape at the level of their necks. - All you have to do is place the ball on the ramp and the balls on the 10 dots at the end of the track, aim the balls and throw the ball at the right angle to knock down the 10 balls

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