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Baby Penguin Windmill Bath Toy

Baby Penguin Windmill Bath Toy

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Baby shower bath toys Little penguin waterwheel playing in water About this project: Babies may be resistant to water when bathing, they will be depressed and even crying, etc. Many treasure mothers have a headache The cartoon elements can be watered through the water cup, which can make the waterwheel of the penguin belly quickly turn up. Battery-free design, worry-free soaking, and good waterproofness. Let the baby take a bath with joy. Bathing and playing in the water, the little playmate makes the baby fall in love with the bathing. By pouring water from the penguins head, the waterwheel in the penguins belly quickly rotates to attract the baby. Soothing the baby's small emotions. The cute penguin looks after the bath unknowingly. It attracts the baby's attention. The mother can bathe the baby more easily. The powerful double suction cup design is stable and not easy to fall. The back is equipped with a suction cup, which can be adsorbed on a flat surface, and can be adsorbed on a variety of surfaces such as bathtubs, wooden barrels, and bathtubs. No need to use batteries, rest assured that soaking in water will not be broken. No need to install batteries. You can play with water. It can be soaked in water for a long time to clean and dry directly, making bathing and playing more convenient. The round, smooth, burr-free baby hands are specially designed for babies, and the materials are carefully made, and each edge is smoothly processed to ensure the safety of the baby when playing. Specification:
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