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Dual Markers Set of 12

Dual Markers Set of 12

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 Rich Colors: You will receive a bunch of paint markers in assorted colors, just giving full play to your creativity and imagination, meeting your different needs.
2. Double Head: These graffiti markers feature fiber tip and double headed design, provide two tips for various painting methods, marks on marker allow you to check on thickness of the tip quickly.
3. Multi Purpose: These double headed markers are perfect for book coloring, comics, caricatures, graffiti, calligraphy, scrapbooking, handwriting, greeting cards, etc.
4. Quick Drying: The water based ink of these dual tip markers dry quickly and they won't smudge your hands and clothes, safe and eco friendly, safe and reliable for your kids.
5. Box Packed: All these dual tip paint pens are well organized into storage box, and the color can be easily identified. offering more convenience

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