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black crown eye mask / blind fold

black crown eye mask / blind fold

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Sleepless Nights Belong To The Past. Grant Yourself The Deep, Peaceful Night’s Sleep You Deserve & Wake Up Feeling Refreshed Every Single Day. Sleep Mask Will Show You The Way!
If you are tired of spending hours tossing and turning around before you manage to fall asleep, it’s time to take action. Add the Sleep Mask in your night-time routine and create the perfect environment for deep, restful, REM sleep your body needs, anywhere - anytime!
100% Silk and cotton Sleeping Mask: Eliminates Light Exposure – Maximizes Your Comfort.
Designed to help you achieve the ultimate best conditions for that deep sleep your body and mind longs for, our sleep mask is made of 100% silk and cotton that feels beautifully on your face. Its luxurious touch along with its great light-blocking ability offer even the most restless sleepers the elusive tranquility and serenity for a fully-rejuvenating night.
As it extremely comfortable, lightweight and effective, apart from being a wonderful choice for your everyday sleep, it also works wonders as:

Travel Aid – For that refreshing nap even on the go

Relaxation Aid – The perfect way to unwind after a long day at work

Yoga Mask – Ideal for concentrating and meditation

Migraine Relief Aid – Close your eyes and let the pain go away

Dry Eye Relief – Also a great choice for applying medication to your eyes
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